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Great Scott! You must be glad to find an English part on this website, full of Dutch 'Scheveningens, schuurpapieren and grappemakerijen' - (never mind, just a few Dutch words that are hard to pronounce for you guys). Let me introduce you to a business part of myself. Thank you for reading in advance and don't hesitate to ask me anything. Groetjes! Sorry Cheers! 


About Jeroen


Jeroen C. Muts has been a Dutch copywriter and script writer for years when he began exploring the internet as a freelance copywriter for Dutch companies in Holland and Belgium in 2010. In 2012, he opened jcmuts.nl as an online-oriented copywriting and seo-marketing specialist. As a seo-copywriter, Jeroen’s main strengths have been in technology and business-to-business marketing. He specializes in creating seo website content for a big diversity of clients, and services. As a scriptwriter for theatre, television and the gaming industry he wrote several scripts and scenarios from 2010 until now. These scripts are all readable if requested. The copywriting is all in Dutch, the script writing can be translated to English. 

Storyline and Dialogue Writer

You can hire Jeroen as a writer for storytelling and dialogue writing for films, theatre and for video games. A screenwriter or script writer is an author who has enough imagination to create a story, character development and dialogues on paper. These scripts can easily be transformed to movies, games and plays. The importance of a great storyline is necessary for story to survive. People have to be triggered, liked and loved by a film, play or game.  No matter how good your actors, film locations or game graphics are, they are useless without a solid script. I've written several scenarios and scripts for theatre, TV and the gaming industry in a variety of genres including fantasy, thriller and drama. I really think that greatest thing to do is to brainstorm with the team of developers to come up with a gripping and stunning storyline; one that is doable for the graphic designers and unforgettable for gamers.

Curious what to pay the man?

Are you wondering what an appropriate pay rate is for a freelance game writer? Have that nagging feeling that maybe you have to pay way too much? Or you simply have no idea at all? Don’t worry. Just click it, you’ll see. Game writing fees


Last project:

Lead dialogue and narrative story designer at Team Monkey Studio.


Freelance Narrative Designer

I am available as a freelance narrative designer to set a catchy base, in a short period of time, or I am available to continue on an existing project your team might have. The hourly rate which I count for text writing does not apply to writing and collaborating on a game, application, etc. These costs are lower and based on an agreement rate. Arrangements could be that a project price is agreed, a profit-sharing, or a semi-appointment is made for one project. These are but a few examples, and I'm open to other creative solutions and ideas. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you might have about my job as a freelance narrative designer.

If you have any questions at all, or feel like discussing more about storylines, game writer or script writers, please feel free to contact me. I would be glad to listen to your story and discuss the basics for a narrative design for your videogame.

Freelance Game Reviewer

Are you looking to work with a experienced freelance game reviewer, who is passionate about playing and writing about all kind of games? Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. I write for console games, mobile games, handheld and Indie projects. You can find my main strength of writing in my Dutch reviews, but if you need an English review just contact me.


Last project:

For GadgetGear.nl and Nintendo I played and reviewed: Final Fantasy Explorers



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