Costs to hire a freelance script writer

What does a freelance scriptwriter cost?

The costs of scenario writing consist of a fixed hourly rate times the number of hours worked. The hours are estimated and offered in advance. When the quotation is approved and the assignment does not change in between, the price will remain as discussed.

When the assignment changes (extension, partial cancellation, change of discussed details) an additional price will be discussed in consultation. Do you want to know what your scenario would cost? Then I would like to hear the number of estimated minutes of play, the (already existing) story structure, etc.

Hourly rate: € 59

The following activities fall under the hourly rate: narrative design (story structure), storyline writing (narrative writing) and dialogue writing (dialogue writing).

Minimum purchase is one hour of work.
Discuss assignment on location: location rate
Discussing an assignment via mail / telephone / skype is free of charge.
Location rate: € 75.00 (including travel and accommodation costs within the Netherlands)
Location rate applies when the assignment needs to be discussed or written on location.